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Why you need a website ?

A website provides a second shop window to attract more customers, stir lapsed customers and generally raise the profile of your business over a greater area. It allows you to showcase your products for everyone to see. You can explain the benefits, compare it with other products, or show testimonials of happy customers that already bought the product.A website is like an information flow, with you as the provider and your site visitors as the receivers of the information. If you don't plan your website with this in mind right from the start, you could find yourself with a brand new website that solves all your immediate needs... but not those of your site visitors.

Clicking away from your website has never been easier for Internet users. There are about 35 million websites competing with yours on the Internet. Search engine results are becoming better and better and Internet connection speeds faster and faster - finding one of your competitors' websites is now very quick and very easy.

Why Choose Us?

The creative design is usually the first factor in having a visitor "stick & bounce"...and it only takes a few seconds.
It is probably not possible to have a perfect design but if you always focus for the best, it will encourage you to continue making an effort in maintenance.
We know, the words written on this page won't convey our creative design & development capabilities. So check out our products & services before reading the rest so you can learn about eIndiatech and it's creative experience.

What we do?

  • Promotion SEO & Marketing

    SEO & Marketing Promotion

    Analysis and optimization processes have to be formulated keeping your business in mind in order to create your web presence. Information on your market, competitors, customers that you need to attract, products and service that you would like to market using web provide a clear input to the designing process. It helps in fine-tuning your designs for the customers and the search engines.

  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Website design is the part of building a website which can include design of web pages using colour, graphics, animation, photographs and fonts. We built Beautiful handcrafted designs using the latest technologies that engage your audience.

  • Content Management System CMS


    Content Management System

    A Content management (CMS) helps you to simplify managing Website content by allowing content developers to publish content without demanding technical knowledge of HTML, FTP or Web page authoring tools.
    Our web application development team provides CMS based on your requirements using ASP,ASP.NET, PHP or Java.

  • Social Development

    Social Development

    Facebook, g+, twitter, etc. have become a major social network platform for businesses, yet the standard social page designing tools are limited. It’s difficult for companies to maintain brand standards, consistent content and marketing campaigns across this social media network using the standard, out-of-the-box offerings.

  • Web & Windows Application

    Web & Windows Application

    web applications bring websites to life. From simple email forms to complete content management systems, we can turn your website into a valuable business tool by providing bespoke (custom) software and database solutions for the web, PDAs/handhelds, mobile phones and other devices.

  • Graphic Design


    Graphic Design

    Specify your logo design preferences and we'll develop a set of six logo designs for you to review. EIndiaTech then works with you to modify and revise the design as needed. The result is a logo design that makes sense for your business, at a great price.

How we do?

1. Analysis
  • Input: Interviews with the clients,
  • Mails and supporting docs by the client, Discussions Notes,
  • Online chat,
  • recorded telephone conversations,
  • Model sites/applications etc.,

Output: 1. Work plan, 2. Cost involved, 3. Team requirements, 4. Hardware-software requirements, 5. Supporting documents and 6. the approval.

2.Specification building
Input: Reports from the analysis team.

Output: Complete requirement specifications to the individuals and the customer/customer's representative.

3. Design & development
Input: Requirement specification.

Output: Site design with templates, Images and prototype.

4. Content writing
Input: Designed template.

Output: Site with formatted content.

5. Coding
Input: The site with forms and the requirement specification.

Output : Database driven functions with the site, Coding documents.

6. Testing
Input: The site, Requirement specifications, supporting documents, technical specifications and technical documents.

Output: Completed application/site, testing reports, error logs, frequent interaction with the developers and designers.

7. Promotion
Input: Site with content, Client mails mentioning the competitors.

Output: Site submission with necessary meta tag preparation.

8. Maintenance & Updating
Input: Site/Application, content/functions to be updated, re-Analysis reports.

Output: Updated application, supporting documents to other life cycle steps and teams.

The above-mentioned steps alone are not strict to web application or web site development. Some steps may not applicable for certain tasks. Its depend on the cost and time involved and the necessity. Sometimes if it is a intranet site, then there will be no site promotion. But even if you are a small development firm, if you adopt certain planning along with this web engineering steps in mind, it will definitely reflects in the Quality of the outcome.

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